Kinetic Sculpture Races

In 2015, our team ran in the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Corvallis for the first time. We only broke down three times before the start line. The crankshaft on the right side fell off, and our pontoons deflated in the Willamette River causing us to sink. It wasn't that much of a problem, though, because the water was low enough we just put the wheels on the ground and kept steering.

In 2016 our team ran in the Kinetic Sculpture race in Corvallis for the second time. We only broke down twice before the start line. We had a few breakdowns, and one of our rear axles bent so much that we could no longer race. We didn't sink though, which is fortunate because the river was much deeper.

You can find more information about the Corvallis race on their facebook page.

You can also find more information about my sculpture in particular! Find us at this facebook page.