Finding Adventure

2013-11-30 Charity Game Jam 2

I didn't mean to enter the Charity Game Jam, but on the morning of November 24th, I was meant to teach a class on creating text adventures with Twine.  Since I hadn't used Twine in about six months, and that project used it very briefly, I thought I'd give myself a refresher, made a few rooms, linked them all about, and mess about a little bit to remember how to use it.  Somehow, I got way way way too carried away and put way too much effort in to this project at the expense of several other things I had to do.  I am way too pleased with how it turned out and I want to put more work in to make it better. Unfortunately, I spent way too much time on it.

There is a notable bug towards the end of the game. If you try to the push the rock on the dragon while it is still sleeping, it stays sleeping rather getting up and chasing you around.

Desktop edition
Mobile edition
Charity Game Jam - The games are listed on the front page, and I don't get a unique game submission webpage.
Postmortem posted at Ludum Dare because I couldn't at
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